Teeth Whitening

Having a beautiful smile may be even easier than you think. Many people achieve the look they've been dreaming of with our simple whitening procedure.

Key Benefits

Corrects brown, yellow and mottled tooth staining. Works on people of all ages. Is a near semi-permanent solution for a "dull" smile, restoring brightness and bringing your smile alive.

How is it done?

An impression is taken to make a specialized "stint" to hold the whitening gel against the teeth. The material is used each day for 30-60 minutes for a week or two, after which significant whitening will occur. The change can be nothing short of brilliant. In some cases, tooth sensitivity may occur at which time the length of whitening time should be reduced to 10-15 minutes every other day until the sensitivity is gone.


Over-the-counter whitening agents are available at drug stores and pharmacies. Some of these products can be effective, however, we recommend that you use our products for the best results in a shorter amount of time.